iRide Photography team is the team that will take the best shots for you with your horse.


iRide Photography is a group of talented photographers who are considered the best horse photographers in Egypt. It has all started from when they have followed their passion and learned how to ride horses and became professional horse riders. They wanted to save every moment on the horse back so they have bought a camera and started to practice taking shots in different circumstances. Our photographers shoot on horseback, on the ground and catch moving shots. We have shots for more than 10,000 riders so far.

Horse photography differs from the usual photography we all know. Horse photography needs riding skills and a different taste. Taking a photo for a horse is not as easy as one may imagine. It requires a photographer who knows what are the advantages in a horse's appearance depending on its breed. Its difficulty comes from the fact that a photographer has to catch a lot of variable details in one shot, such as the horse's ears in the right position, the horse has to be looking at the right place and the photographer has to choose an angle that shows all the horse's best characteristics. For example, if it's an Arabian horse, he has to know that an Arabian horse has some very important characteristics that he has to catch in his shot.